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Due to the recent update changes the last couple of weeks services failed to update correctly. This has been fixed and the URC services are now available:

Order of Service for Novemeber 7th 2021

Here you will find audio files of our services:

November 7th 2021:

October 24th 2021:

October 3rd 2021:

September 26th 2021:

September 19th 2021:

September 12th 2021:

September 5th 2021:

These links are exactly the same service, but you might choose to download from here and listen later:

Nobember 7th 2021

October 24th 2021

October 3rd 2021

Sunday 26th September 2021

Sunday 19th September 2021

Sunday 12th September 2021

Sunday 5th September 2021