Christchurch Group of Churches

Holy Week

For Holy Week we will be presenting a reading of Mark's Gospel, a few chapters each day, leading into Easter Saturday, where the final three chapters will be available for reflection.

The recordings are available directly here for listening:

April 2nd 2021 - Chapters 14 to 16

March 31st 2021 - Chapters 11 to 13

March 30th 2021 - Chapters 8 to 10

March 29th 2021 - Chapters 5-7

March 28th 2021 - Chapters 1-4

A direct link to the recording is available here:

Mark Chapter 14-16

Mark Chapter 11-13

Mark Chapter 8-10

Mark Chapters 5-7  

Mark Chapters 1-4 

If you would like our Sunday Services they are stored here:

Online Worship